How Do I Become Happy?

How Do I Become Happy?

Well for starters you could read my hot off the presses How To Become Happy eBook!

In the easy to read downloadable eBook I delve into  the cutting edge science of happiness and more importantly how you can use it to become happy starting today.

I am happy and used the exact same techniques I explain in my book to become happy.

For the longest time I have struggled with rage. I had road rage, bike rage, even friend rage. Needless to say I wasn’t much fun to be around. Then I got married to my amazing wife Amy. After many years of being much happier my anger started to seep back into my life and then when we adopted our son. Whew! Lack of sleep, new schedules, another human who can’t talk, all conspired to bring out the worst in me. I was able to keep it inside when around my family. But I was frustrated, angry and enraged at the smallest things. Even the cat started to piss me off.

So I started searching. I read books, I talked to coaches, I tried all sorts of things to get rid of the anger. Then I stumbled upon a science research project that was like a bolt from the blue! In this article it talked about the science of happiness. Here I was thinking it was a feeling, so imagine my surprise when I found out there is scientists looking at the exact same thing.

One study led to anther and as I started practicing what I had found I became happier! So I practiced some more and shared my discoveries with my wife who also benefited. I was way happier and people were noticing. Soon I had shared draft versions of the book with a few friends and they were getting great results too. Now I knew I had to share this amazing information more widely.

So without further ado, I share with you:

Becoming Happy! The Science of Happiness

By: Me!

In this powerful but easy to read ebook you will learn the 5 simple steps you can take to totally transform your happiness in 21 days.

In fact multiple studies have shown that people who are happy get paid more, live longer, get promoted more often, have more energy, loose weight and even live longer. Now I know you don’t want any of those things but if you were to change your mind the Become Happy! ebook would give you all the tools you need to radically improve your happiness in less than a month. So check out the site here and let me know if I made any spelling errors!

Keep visiting the blog as I will be talking about other happiness and health tips over as I discover them. Meanwhile have fun becoming happy!

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Becoming Happy Can Be This Easy

Becoming Happy Can Be This Easy!

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Put the kids to bed early, have a glass of wine, bring the baby monitor out to the hot tub and have a soak with your husband, wife or perfect life partner. Don’t have a perfect life partner yet? Go ahead and click on the link above. Not only will you be happier but you will also end up with a person who is right for you and that is a good thing!

So, what is the simplest way to find happiness? Is it to make more money? Have more stuff? Have a “better” husband or wife? Well… some of those things may make you happy but unless you started out pretty happy you will ultimately find that you will need ever more money, ever better stuff and maybe even fancier and fancier marriage material too. Because unless you are happy inside then becoming happy on the outside will only give you a temporary lift before you fall back to your original happiness state.

Here is a quote that showed up in my inbox today that is very apt for this discussion.

It is from Lester Levinson Founder of the Sedona Method.

Don’t probe darkness to try and understand light.
Don’t dwell on sickness to become healthy.
Don’t indulge in thoughts of lack to try and have more.
Don’t dwell in misery to try and understand happiness.

Simple words. But maybe hard to take action from.

We all do the above to some degree don’t we? We feel down so we think that by trying to figure out what is wrong we will get happy. Wrong! We would do much better to quickly take an action to address anything that is very clearly causing us to stay unhappy, then immediately go for a walk, pat a pet and do something nice for someone else! All of which have shown to be useful in becoming happy.

Lester also said, “The only reason you would try and understand your problems was if you were planning on having them again.” Now that is a provocative statement when it comes to being happy because we are very attached to our problems. In fact I am sure you know people who are nothing without their list of problems. Note Lester didn’t say, “Don’t take action.” What he was really pointing to — and this is important when we are talking about becoming happy– is don’t dwell on your problems!

Dwelling on problems is another very fast way to make you not only unhappy but sick and with few friends. In some more extreme cases it can lead to all sorts of unpleasant outcomes as I am sure you have seen on TV, or experienced in your community. Science has now proven that those who dwell or ruminate on problems are less happy and have more problems for longer time.

So the moral of the story is do things that feel good, don’t cost much and leave you feeling happy and don’t dwell on your problems! Both of which will definitely help you to become happy!

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